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Parallax is unique in the publishing world in that we offer full disclosure partnerships with private [qualified] investors wishing to collaborate on a specific title.  Parties interested in more information on titles available for collaboration and past partnership title successes should contact us at

Available projects for partnership

Barbary Press -

  • project 1 - Mobsters' guide to horse handicapping by Bobby "the nose" Caputo
  • project 2 - 100 Bathhouses to see before you die by Randy Braniman
  • project 3 - The Secrets of Civil Wars Battlefields by Arch Stanton


BrainBusting Books - no partnership titles currently available


Readtome Press -

  • project 1 - an audio production of Faust
  • project 2 - an audio production of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon


Parallax - no partnership titles currently available